Welcome to the Summer Lisk lottery !

Proudly brought to you by your delegate Liskpro.com


Liskpro.com and the Sherwood pool want to bring you a sweet Summer feeling !
This time of year is perfect for barbecues with friends, family meals, relaxation and lazing around ...
That’s why we want to organize an event that will bring all voters, investors and groups of delegates together.

For a long time now, the Sherwood pool is acclaimed for its actions, its great sharing and its reliability !
Keep up your great support to our pool and try to win one of the many prizes.

Vote now for Liskpro.com, LiberSpirita, Robinhood, 4Fryn and BloqSpace.io.


The Summer Lisk lottery will be organized and managed by Liskpro.com.

The rules are simple:

  • Every single voter who voted for all Sherwood members will get a lottery ticket for every Lisk in its wallet by the end of the lottery:
    • Liskpro.com
    • LiberSpirita
    • Robinhood
    • 4Fryn
    • BloqSpace.io
  • If you have voted for all members before the beginning of the lottery, you participation is already registred;
  • To be fairer and more attractive, we will limit the number of tickets per wallet to the average weight of all participants;
  • The drawing script will be made by Liskpro.com and published publicly on GitHub few days before the drawing day.

The lottery will take place from June 1st 2018 till June 30st 2018.
Prizes will be sent on the 7st July.


This is the hall of the Summer Lisk Lottery's prizes
3 big prizes, more than 100 LSK and 25 winners


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